Maistro Cyber Certified

Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

As a software service provider, we recognise the important role cyber security plays in both ours and our clients’ success. Gaining our ISO27001 accreditation in 2020 was an essential first step in ensuring we were able to provide security and reassurance when handling our customers’ data. But our quest for excellence in this aspect hasn’t stopped there. 

We are now pleased to announce that we have been formally assessed and granted the Cyber Essentials Plus certification. This is yet another crucial step for us to demonstrate to our clients that their data is handled safely, securely and properly.

The Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a UK government-backed scheme, aimed at showcasing an organisation’s commitment to providing excellent protection against cyber threats. It is the highest level of certification within the Cyber Essentials scheme and is undertaken by an external agent.

 Maistro’s CTO, Craig Livings, said, “We want to give our clients confidence that their data is secure within our infrastructure. We hope that our certification shows our mature, enterprise approach to cyber security.”

 To find out more about Cyber Essentials Plus certification, follow this link: