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Maistro 2020 Brand Refresh

March 20, 2020 ,03:08 PM ,Maistro News

We're happy to launch our new Brand refresh and website. This came to life after a series of internal brand workshops where we explored and reviewed why we love our jobs (what gets us out of bed in the morning), how we help our clients reach their objectives and what deliverables we achieve for our clients. 

This is what we have learnt.

Why we LOVE our job

We did this excercise by starting with our 'why' taken from a TED talk from Simon Senek.

The idea here is to start by thinking about your cause/belief as a company, followed by how you help others and then considering what you actually do.

Our passion is the future sustainability of our clients buying. Through our supplier partnerships and intelligent platform, our delivery experts work in harmony with our clients and the suppliers on our B2B marketplace to provide an excellent all-round spend management service.

In short. The Maistro mission is to enable buyers and suppliers to find each other faster and work together better.

How we enjoy working with our clients

We believe there is real power in collaboration, this is why we treat our clients as partners. Working in synergy towards the same goal, to make their life easier.

Our guided-buying approach connects B2B buyers with pre-vetted suppliers to achieve the best value, while streamlining and standardising sourcing processes to reduce the time spent per purchase.

What we offer our clients

We are a Procurement-as-a-Service provider connecting business buyers with pre-vetted suppliers in our online marketplace.

Our easy to use solution identifies, evaluates and matches suitable suppliers with buyers securely and quickly. Some of the advantages of using Maistro to source your suppliers:

  • Advanced Statement of Requirements (SOR) and Statement of Works (SOW) automation to streamline and accelerate the sourcing process.
  • Thousands of suppliers and service providers in our marketplace are rigorously pre-vetted and continuously evaluated on their performance.
  • CIPS certified professionals are there to make sure both the buyer and supplier are happy from start to finish.

Need help with your Tail Spend?

80% of purchases collectively represent 20% of most procurement spend.
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