AI, BREXIT and Business Transformation | Industry experts explore their impact on procurement

Over a 3-course exclusive dinner at HIDE restaurant in London, leading CEOs, Chief Procurement Officers and business transformation professionals gathered at Maistro’s first Supper Club to discuss three pressing issues impacting businesses across Europe: AI, BREXIT and Business Transformation in the Digital Age.  

AI expert, Adam West, from Satalia demystified the world of AI, sharing accessible insights on machine learning, automation and AI - and how each one fits into an organisation’s digital canvas. Meryll Bushell shared procurement insights from her career in the public sector, including her role as Crown Representative for the Cabinet Office, managing the pan-Government relationship with  strategic suppliers. And procurement professionals actively driving digital transformation within their businesses showcased their experiences launching Maistro’s B2B Marketplace solution within their global enterprises

“I have to say that this was one of the most interesting micro-networking events that I have attended, with a great mix of people, fantastic food and very thought-provoking talks.”

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