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How to write a great Brief or Statement of Requirements

January 23, 2020 ,02:08 PM ,Procurement

Creating a brief that is clear and concise will ensure the buying process is fast and cost effective. Although writing a brief can sometimes be the most challenging part of your project, don’t worry, we are here to help. At Maistro we use the term Statement of Requirements or ‘SOR’.

We have a lot of experience writing SOR’s and can guide you through writing your first SOR in order to get you started.

If you want some inspiration to get started why not take a look at current projects on the Marketplace as you may find that someone has already created a similar SOR to your own.

Key details to include in your SOR:


  • Make sure that your budget has been agreed and signed off by the relevant decision maker before submitting your SOR
  • Don’t hold back budget as the sealed bid nature of the Marketplace drives competitive pricing by itself.
  • If you need help setting a budget you can speak with Maistro’s Delivery Team who will be able to assist you


  • Ensure you have confirmed and defined project start and delivery dates


  • This is probably the most important part of the SOR, and it’s essential that you think through your strategy and objectives completely before you get the project underway. Here a few questions to think about:
  • Why do you need this and what are you hoping to achieve with it?
  • What are your goals?
  • Is there a specific problem you’re trying to solve?
  • How will you measure success?


Describe what you want to see in the pitch, for example, maybe you would like to see examples of similar work in your industry

There is no such thing as too much information, the better the information the better the outcome.

We can send you an example SOR as a guide on how to create a SOR that will provide all the information required to make the buying process through Maistro, easy and effective.

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