Digital Transformation

Working from home may be here to stay - finding balance will be key.

For more than 6 months now, half of the UK's workforce has been working from home. So, is this likely to become the new "normal” as we move forward and start to put 2020 behind us, and if so, what...

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16th October 2020

Why automation should have a place in modern procurement

If there’s one thing that could be usefully taken away from 2020 and all its troubles, it’s the idea that when worst-case scenarios occur, businesses who adopt a more proactive approach to shoring...

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9th October 2020
Strategic Procurement

Frictionless service procurement - is lean the catalyst?

It’s the new kid in town but Lean Methodology is no stranger. Manufacturing businesses have been using lean thinking for decades to streamline processes, saving time and waste. But why aren’t more...

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2nd October 2020
Supplier Management

Accessing Innovation: the speed dilemma when engaging with start-ups

Jumping on a new and promising idea is the smart way to stay one step ahead - but the paperwork and process involved in engaging with innovative start-ups and smaller 'boutique' style suppliers...

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25th September 2020

Sustainable Procurement - limiting exposure to supply chain weaknesses

When it comes to sustainable procurement, it’s easy to take your suppliers for granted when things are good. And if you do, you’re not the only one. In this blog, I'm going to cover some steps on...

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22nd September 2020
Procurement Supplier Management

Maistro Awarded Ethical Procurement Certification

We are proud to announce our recent award of the CIPS ethical procurement certificate. This certification symbolises our ongoing commitment to safeguarding our buyers and reducing supply chain...

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28th August 2020
Supplier Management

Supply chain disruption: Contingency sourcing

It is a daunting time for organisations assessing the impacts to their businesses, and many are establishing ‘war rooms’ and allocating significant resources to identifying risks, formulating...

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27th March 2020
Maistro News

Maistro 2020 Brand Refresh

We're happy to launch our new Brand refresh and website. This came to life after a series of internal brand workshops where we explored and reviewed why we love our jobs (what gets us out of bed...

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20th March 2020

How to write a great Brief or Statement of Requirements

Creating a brief that is clear and concise will ensure the buying process is fast and cost effective. Although writing a brief can sometimes be the most challenging part of your project, don’t...

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23rd January 2020