Making supplier consolidation easy

Client: Property Services
Need: All types of business services
Maistro service: Sourcing & Contracting

This client is a leading estate agent with over 400 offices world-wide and more than 20,000 staff. With a growing number of suppliers delivering a wide range of business services to its offices, it needed to consolidate and control costs.

What we did

The Maistro platform has transformed buying by making it easier to collaborate. Tender responses are now viewed in multiple locations in real-time and stakeholders quickly consulted. The business was able to run three complex tenders at once, comparing new and incumbent suppliers, and assessing the best fit based on data. The outcome? A reduction in the number of suppliers contracted in the category from 130 to 30.

The result

The real value here was in focusing procurement in one place, through a platform that could be used by everyone. We have had feedback from users on how simple and intuitive they found it. Savings in admin time alone have been huge. But what really matters for staff is that it has taken away the pain of procurement.

  • Number of suppliers cut by 75% in one category
  • An easy automated process saving on admin time
  • Control and visibility for multiple stakeholders